Types of Marketing

What Types of Marketing do Event Agencies do?

Event marketing entails the process of coming up with a themed exhibit, a display, or a presentation with an aim of promoting a given product, a cause, a service or organization that leverages in-person engagement. Events are likely to take place online or offline and their form of participation can either be sponsored or hosted. Their promotion can take place in various marketing techniques that are both inbound and outbound. As a result, event agencies play an essential role in offering a number of marketing events that vary widely from one another. These are discussed as follows;-

Tradeshow Exhibits

This is one type marketing event offered by event agencies. Trade show exhibits together with event marketing play an essential role in getting people together with similar interests towards achieving the intended goal.

Workshops and Seminars

This is the most appropriate type of event marketing offered by the event agencies when it comes to services like accounting. In this type of event marketing, the event agencies make an invitation to the intended customers and then educate them on what is expected to be done and the benefits associated with these services.  They equip the potential customers with the tips that they can apply in their businesses.

Webinars and Virtual Events

People are able to interact and share a common virtual atmosphere on the website, rather than having to meet in the physical location. These virtual events are taken to be very interactive and their look and feel are similar to that of their physical counterparts.

Press Conferences

This is one of the integrated marketing tools offered by the event agencies and it is designed with a purpose of generating news. This news is essential when it comes to advancing the cause of the organization.  This news is identified as the story available in the electronic media that is the Integrated Marketing Communication Mix which is prominent, relevant to the event, event significant, and timely.

Product Demonstrations

The event agencies also engage in product demonstrations. This is a type of marketing event that involves demonstrating a given product to the potential customers. They do this with an aim of introducing the potential customers to the given product with a hope of convincing them to purchase the item.

Celebrating a Corporate Anniversary

This is another type of even marketing offered by the event agencies with an aim of communicating with the intended audience such as the employees, the clients, and the prospects. In this case, they give out an explanation for starting the given business, the efforts they have been making in ensuring this intended audience is satisfied with their services.