things to do before sending your mobile Phone for repair

None of us can imagine a day without a mobile phone. In fact our phones have become an integral part of our lives. Many people used mobile phones to run their businesses, while some may use it to take thousands of pictures and create memories. Some even believe using it’s only for entertainment purposes. In any of these cases are mobile phones have all your personal data without which it would be difficult to survive. If by chance your mobile phone falls from your hand and breaks it can be a major nightmare. In order to make sure that your mobile phone is back in working order you would need to find a mobile phone repair technician.

Before you get your mobile phone repaired in Canberra, make sure to keep the following things in mind

Create a full backup before sending your mobile phone for repair

Your phone has important personal data for example confidential emails messages or pictures. It is important that you should have a backup of all this important data so that it is not lost during the repair process. Creating the backup is easy if you sync everything to Google contacts or photos. You can try uploading all the important data on Google Drive or even take the backup to an external storage.

Do not forget to remove the SIM card

If your sim gets into the wrong hands there is a chance that it might be misused. It is important to remove the SIM card from the phone before handing it over to the technician. Also since you would be giving your mobile phone for repair you can put the SIM in other phone and use it. This way you would not miss important phone calls you would get during that time.

Note down the IMEI number

Just to make sure that you do not displace your device it is best to write down the IMEI number. It is a unique 15 digit number which every phone possesses. If you think that your phone has been handed over to someone as by mistake on the same brand of the model you can identify your phone using the IMEI number. This way you can easily get your phone back.

Consider doing a factory reset

Make sure that you remove all your current accounts from the mobile phone and this can be done by doing a factory reset on the phone. It is smart to remove all your accounts from the smartphone so that none of the information can be misused.

Finding a reliable mobile phone repair technician

Once you have made sure that all your data is safe you should be on the lookout for the right mobile technician. It is important that you go to somebody with certified and has the experience of handling mobile devices. When you have a few names it would be useful that you provide all the information about the issues with your device. If you have dropped the phone on the ground there could be liquid damage along the screen. Make sure that you mention all the damages and issues correctly. This would allow the technician to fix all these issues.

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