Marketing Your Event

After setting a date and a venue for your event, the next thing is getting the people to show up. But, how would you do it? If you don’t know how to make this successful, don’t worry anymore. No need to plan for an advertising budget or to go for celebrity endorsements. Here are the main tips on how to market your event.

The Event Page

This is the cornerstone of marketing your event. You can make it compelling by using the following ways;-

A Compelling Description

In making this successful. You need to indicate the topic of that event, the date it will take place and the time. Accompanying this description is the benefits for each individual attending the event. You need to make it scan-able and brief.

The Pictures and Bios of the Speakers

The pictures and bios of the great speakers play an essential role in marketing your event. Great speakers are in a position of attracting a large number of attendees. You should show their faces and the list of their credentials.

The Image of the Event

This is the image that will appear when sharing your event in the social networks. This can be the logo of the event, a room that is fully equipped with people or it can be a genuine image of a smiling face.

A Video Related to the Event

You are required to come up with video interviews reflecting your event. The interview of the speakers is preferred in this case. You can come up with these videos using Skype or Google Hangouts.

Pre-event Email

Email marketing is the best option for the case where you have a long list of people to contact.  You can even use your friends, partners, and speakers to send this message to their friends through email. Use the subject lines that inspire anxiety and awe. Moreover, the best time for sending these emails is a weekend. You should also send the message more than once. You are required to send severally as the respectful event approaches. Finally, you need a social proof. Share your previous positive feedbacks.

Use Social Media to Market it

Through the fact that events are considered to be social occasions, using social media to market is one of the best strategies. Come up with the hashtag for the event that is short and unique. You will be using this hashtag in your tweets. Use links in the social media bios that are capable of directing your visitors to the event page. Post tweets about your event and make a follow up of people who are interested in this event. Through this, you will get a large number of attendees.