Event Agency

What is an event agency

Planning an event involves many hours of work and headaches. Planning, production, execution, communication, those are too many tasks for a single person. Therefore, having the services of an events agency can avoid many worries, at the same time that can make the difference between the success or failure of an act.

Event agencies have a number of particularities, there are many agencies specialized in this sector that offer a comprehensive management of events. This type of companies are known as 360 ° agencies, because they are responsible for the management from beginning to end of everything that affects the event.

Production phases

  • Planning: The agency studies the briefing and, depending on the objectives you want to achieve with the event, presents a series of proposals from which the type of event will take place.
  • Location: Once the type of act that is going to be developed has been decided, it will be necessary to find the ideal location for it. Various proposals will be sought that fit the purpose of the event and the cost of hiring will be studied to adapt it to the budget.
  • Production: When these two decisions have been made (typology and location) the time of development will arrive. In this stage all the technical work is done: selection of audio-visual material, hiring of technical staff, planning of travel and accommodation, organization of activities, planning the program, etc.
  • Communication: If we want the event to be successful and that there is an influx of the public, we must communicate it. Launch press releases to the media, publicize the event, create outdoor signage, send invitations, etc. All spinning by a previous strategy that fits with the brand image.
  • Development: It will be the moment of truth, the implementation of the act where the success of the call, organization and planning thereof will be measured. During the development of the act it will be necessary to have a coordination and supervision service that guarantees the correct functioning of all the services.
  • Follow-up: At the end of the event will be monitored to check the results that have been obtained. That is, if the initially established objectives have been achieved and if the satisfaction of the assistants has been optimal.

Apart from the event agencies, there are also other types of suppliers that can provide the necessary aspects to organize an event. A clear example of this is the hotels specialized in conventions and incentives.

The facilities are qualified to host any type of event, as they have rooms that can accommodate up to 700 people. The rooms are equipped with the latest technology and with all kinds of services.