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Silvers - Empress Stiltdance
Based in Melbourne, VIC

Our slinky silver stilt walkers are always a hit regardless of what type of crowd they are performing for. In clubs these professional dancers perform right through the crowd, dancing with their audience. At children's events, the kids gather for a tickle from their long reaching arms.

Snow Queens - Empress Stiltdance
Based in Melbourne, VIC

These professional dancers create a style of movement second to none. With incredible grace, and incomparable quality, this stilt walking act captivates attention. The enormous white wings are designed to move beautifully through the air, and compliment the dancers skills.

Mantis - Empress Stiltdance
Based in Melbourne, VIC

Originally created for flower & garden shows, we have since discovered that children completely love the Mantis. It's friendly quirky nature seems to draw children from near and far. It might be it's mega florescent shiny green glow, or perhaps it's inquisitive shy nature. Whatever it is, it always draws a crowd.

Elephants - Salvador Dali
Based in Melbourne, VIC

Our Elephants were designed in the image of Salvador Dali's Elephants, for the opening of the Dali Exhibition in the National Gallery of Victoria. Tall Poppies is a company of ten stilt walkers who have performed in 570 cities and towns worldwide. We are managed and directed by Jodie Foreman, who has over 15 years experience, performing specialist stilt-walking acts all over the world.


Flowers - Empress Stiltdance
Based in Melbourne, VIC

Flowers - Empress Stiltdance is an international performance company founded in 1996. Since then, Empress has performed in over 15 different countries and employs more than 30 performers worldwide. Performing at over 150 events worldwide every year, the team includes a wide range of circus professionals including dancers, theatre makers, costumiers, acrobats, aerialists, visual artists and managers. Together we combine our experience to give Empress acts a unique, feminine quality as well as a family friendly appeal.

Electra Android
Based in Melbourne, VIC

Electra Android is a shining high at 13 feet tall, Electra Android is a scientific masterpiece. Decked out entirely in chrome, and built in a complex arrangement of hundreds of moving parts, Electra will dazzle you. With her dexterous hands and electronically twinkling eyes, she investigates this strange planet Earth, and all of itís even stranger occupants.


Butterflies - Empress
Based in Melbourne, VIC

Delicate, shimmering and inspiring the stilt-walking Butterflies fill the summer sky with dream-like wings and visions of grandeur. You will be reaching for your camera when you see the Butterflies floating above and through the crowd. Empress Stiltdance is an international performance company founded in 1996.

Winged Elegance
Based in Brisbane, QLD

Floating above the heads of guests, these elaborate and elegant stilt walkers are an ideal choice for corporate events, family festivals or street parades. In glitzing golden gowns and large extending golden wings this act shimmers in the sun or under lights, and exudes an air of elegance.

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