Making Your Sunshine Coast Graphic Design Work For You

You’ll find that there are many different graphic designers you can work with on the Sunshine Coast. If you are looking to have a graphic design created for your business, you need professionals who are experienced. All you need to do is choose the professional team you think can best make the design you want and work with them to see it become a reality. Graphic design professionals will not only create the kind of design you want for your business but will also arrange to have brand protection for your trademark.

1. Brand Design

Professional teams of graphic designers have years of experience and know just the right brand strategies for their clients. You can share your vision with them, and they will offer their creative ideas to make it a reality. By sharing your idea for your company logo, you can watch as the designers put it all together and you have a chance to see if it will work for your company.

2. Brand Styles

There are different brand styles you can choose from by looking over colour palettes and typography types. The professional graphic designers will be able to inform you about what colours work together and what designs most catch the eyes. They know about what is in demand on the Internet and social media. They will know how to best advise you about which design will make the most significant impact for your company.

3. Marketing

Marketing is essential once the graphic design comes together. Graphic designers know how to make it work and look good on all kinds of documentation and in all types of formats. You’ll want your company logo to look good in all types of media as well as on documents and business cards. Since graphic professionals  have full knowledge of the printing process, they will be able to advise you about the most cost-effective way to make it all work out,

4. Printing

All of the professional graphic designers on the Sunshine Coast also have printing partners they work with and can arrange to get the best rates for you.

5. Campaigning

You can also find graphic designers who will put up your logo to the test with a campaign. They will work with you to consider how to launch your design. You’ll get a campaign created with a campaign map, graphic designs, and marketing material so you can reach the right customers. It takes a professional team to know what works the best and will get your brand professionally represented to make everyone aware of your company and your products.

6. Packaging

Professional graphic designers know just how a design will look on your product packaging. They know what consumers want and how to make your product look attractive and stand out from the rest. Keep in mind that packaging is one of the most important things when it comes to selling products. Your graphic design might look great, but it has to make the product appealing to consumers. They will also be able to advise you about keeping to product and industry requirements.

There are a lot of graphic designers on the Sunshine Coast to choose from, and the best you can do is to take a look at what each offers. Contact Blizzard Graphics if you want to work with trusted professionals in this field.

Employment Solicitors

Employment law is an area of law relating to the world of work. This area of the law covers topics from employee’s rights to their duties and obligations and more. The bill seeks to strike a balance between employer and employees from small family-owned companies to large corporates.

What employment law entails

Employment law covers everything from human resourcing, code of conduct, promotions, grievances, to employment termination – voluntary and forced. As an employment lawyer, you are expected to represent an individual employee, a group of employees or the employer or a group of employers. While serving an employee or a group of employees, their duties shall entail obtaining and collating research information and preparing relevant documents. They are also responsible for providing advice and handling disputes through arbitration and negotiation plus organising for the settlement agreements.

The role of an employment lawyer to employers involves advising businesses and companies against claims and exploring human resource policies that focus on all aspects of employment and carry out negotiations on behalf of the employers with the trade unions where applicable.

Basics of employment law

Employment law is applicable right from the advertisement stage through to termination or retirement of an employee. The code applies to instances occurring during employment lifecycle for both the employer and the employee, including but not limited to the following stages of employment:

  • Recruitment
  • Employment status
  • Data protection
  • Terms and conditions of employment
  • Working hours and payment
  • Holiday entitlement and pay
  • Sick day entitlement, procedures and pay
  • Maternity, paternity leave and parental rights
  • Health and safety
  • Discrimination

Significance of employment law

Employment law is there to protect everyone in the working world. Without the law, there could be no explicit authority in the contentious area of employment. With legal guidance in the workplace, we can avert discrimination and bullying and promote health and safety practices. Employment also guides in creating minimum standards of pay entitlement.

Employment Rights Act

Employment act governs the area of employment law. It is a comprehensive framework for the modern work environment. It contains several vital parts:

  • Employment contract definition, terms and expectations
  • Employee’s wages and remunerations
  • Disclosures and determinants
  • Work, training, health and safety
  • Dismissal notice
  • Parental rights
  • Regulations relating to termination or unfair dismissal
  • Redundancy in the workplace
  • Employee’s rights during insolvency

Qualifications to be an employment lawyer

Here is a step by step set out the route for those aiming to be employment lawyers:

Study a three to four year standard LLB law degree at a university or study the alternative subject and then complete a one-year full-time law conversion course or two-year part-time GDL.

Complete a legal practice course if you want to become a solicitor or complete a Bar Professional Training to be a barrister.

Join an employment law firm to gain in-house practical experience. You should perform research of employment law firms during your initial studies to see if employment law is for you or not. See also whether you can secure yourself a training contract before deciding on this branch of the legal studies.

Employment lawyer typical remuneration

On average, an employment lawyer is expected to take home about $33000. Self-employed barristers earn more than solicitors working for a law firm. However, independent lawyers work more hours compared to 9-5 solicitors working for a law firm, something you should consider before you decide which way.

Taurus Legal are employment solicitors. They can help you with the legal aspects of dealing with your employee issues.

How do you survive without SEO?

SEO is perhaps one of the most trending terms on the internet. Business, as well as individuals, understand how the technique can increase their sales when used properly.

Proper SEO will make your page range high on search engines. Fact is, people are most likely to click on the top five results on any search engine. Anything beyond the first page has minimal chances of being clicked.

Undoubtedly, SEO is essential for visibility and improved searchability. But did you know it offers more real value than just that? Check out.

SEO Builds Trust and Credibility

With proper SEO, New Zealand business people can establish a strong foundation for any website, i.e., a site that is clean and offers excellent user experience. Such a website is easy to discover in search engines

However, you need to establish authority in any search engine. For instance, you can use machine learning signals, optimising on-page elements and quality backlink profiles.

Note that it takes patience and commitment. So it will take a while.

SEO Is an Investment and not a cost

When you invest in proper SEO, expect to get high returns. Look, using SEO alongside webs analytic data, you will realise that some keywords have more excellent conversion than others. If you can get your website on the first page of online search engines, especially the top 3, undoubtedly, you will get massive returns.

So however much you invest in SEO, and you are ranking top 3, you won’t feel the cost.

Principal website traffic is organic search

You must follow the rules of a search engine optimisation for success. For some online search engines, some of which are more prominent than others, organic searches win.

Each website, therefore, needs an organic search to rank higher. What’s more, these searches are an essential aspect of the buyer funnel. Ultimately this gets users to complete a conversion or engagement.

Look, 51 % of website traffic originates from organic search, 10% is from paid search, 5 % from social, and all other sources account for 34%.

SEO allows for nurturing and converting leads at particular stages of the buying cycle

How many times do you turn to online search engines when you have a problem? The answer is; almost always. Look, the marketing process is complex, and it has stages. From awareness to conversion, customers pass through each step carefully, even without knowing.

You need to develop content that addresses every specific enquiry from the customers. And if the content ranks high, then you are on the right track. Remember, it will be like you are showing up at any step of marketing to guide your prospects.

This is relevancy, and most customers love that. In turn, it leads to higher chances of conversion.

All businesses are using SEO

There are multiple types of businesses. However, many people may have a similar business. That implies you are competing for the same keyword. So if your area is not on any search engine, someone else is.

Some entrepreneurs are aggressive. You’ll find them on social media and search engines. So if you aren’t doing it, they’ll eclipse you.

So it is time to embrace SEO New Zealand and get on prominent search engines for more sales. If you can do competitor analysis, you get insights on the type of keyword that work for similar businesses as well as where they get their backlinks. This is the right way of stealing traffic and knocking competitors off.





Factors to make you hire a lawyer in the Gold Coast

Living in Gold Coast will, at one time in your life, face either serious or minor legal issues. Not every legal problem that comes your way requires a lawyer’s help. Small claims and a speeding ticket are some of the scenes that do not need legal help.

However, the picture changes when potential risks are posed by a legal deal, dispute, and challenge. These scenarios need a lawyer Gold Coast to advocate for you.

It’s not cheap to get good legal help. However, getting out of numerous sticky legal scenarios such as a DUI violation, job loss, and bad divorce can only be helped by a good lawyer.


Some situations need the help of a lawyer. In some instances, not consulting a lawyer can result in serious legal complications such as serving time in prison, broken agreements, and lost claims.

Here are the top reasons to hire a Gold Coast lawyer:


The complicated world of the law

Certain situations that need legal help should not be handled by you if you’re not a lawyer. Did you know that a lawyer, no matter how experienced or good he is, never represents himself in court?

Other than that, lawyers have, like most professionals, has their specialisations. A lawyer can practice in two specialisations such as tax and criminal law.

Be that as it may, an emotionally detached legal expert is the best professional to build a solid case for you. When it’s all about setting up a business, failing to get a lawyer to review the risk of legal problems of the contracts can lead to costly pitfalls.


It’s more expensive not to have a lawyer

Getting hurt financially in a civil case or getting jail time in a criminal case are the high stakes involved in legal problems. Civil lawyers typically do not charge a fee until they win the case. If you are the plaintiff in a civil case, winning the case can also mean claiming legal fees. This gives you more money.


The right person that can question presented pieces of evidence

Contradictory statements from a witness or illegally obtained pieces of evidence can be questioned by a lawyer. He/she can also trace the proper handling of evidence and have it suppressed if done illegally.


Doing the right procedure and filing

Filling out legal documents can be a complex procedure for someone with no legal background and training. Notwithstanding, there’s also a deadline date to reckon with legal documents. Hiring a lawyer to do all these properly makes sense than going through the stress of improper filing and late deadline dates.


Prevention rather than remedy

Legal stress and problems can be avoided when a lawyer is hired to eliminate their potential risks. Contracts in fine print are pretty dangerous things to attach your signature to. Hiring a lawyer prevents serious legal complications from happening now and in the future.


Offers free talk

Lawyers, as a rule, will consent to a free one-on-one talk with you. This is to ensure that you’re both on the same page. Take advantage of this when you are out scouting for a lawyer.


Hiring a lawyer in your local area is a smarter option. His/her familiarity with the legal world in your area will count a lot in any of your legal proceedings.



Why Go for IT Support in Melbourne

Choosing IT support in Melbourne is one of the most important decisions made by a new start up. Business can do well if they focus on technology along with their own business strategies. Smart business owners know that they have more potential for growth if they also focus on developing their IT strategies. While it may not be possible for all business to have their own in house IT department, managed IT services can help resolve many technical issues.

So what exactly is managed IT support? In simple words it comprises of a group of technical experts who have the knowledge and experience in dealing with all sort of technical and online issues pertaining to a business. They provide a variety of services which can help businesses reach their full potential.

You can expect the following from IT support in Melbourne:

  • Complete knowledge regarding computer systems
  • Managing cloud services
  • Dealing with hardware issues
  • Introduction to software applications which can help promote the business at all levels

They provide immediate support by phone or email and if they are local they can even send their technicians to help solve the issues on an immediate basis.

Usually IT support works two ways. Firstly they fix IT problem on an immediate basis by making sure that they implement the required preventative measures. For example a company experiences network failure the IT support would get an instant alert and they would make sure they help resolve the issue on an immediate basis. This would help save time and also ensure that there is no hitch in the way the business progresses on a day to day basis.

Another way they can help business is by planning a preventive strategy. This is a strategy which is more long term. They provide the right kind of IT solutions which can help businesses manage their daily activities more smoothly. This in turn helps businesses become more efficient and productive. They work by providing proper recovering planning, providing cloud backup, offering network security and being available with their services whenever required. If your business is strictly online you may be in need of IT support which is available 24/7.

There are also a list of other services which IT support in Melbourne offers. This includes the following:

  • They provide infrastructure management. They have the right kind of knowledge for handling hardware and software issues. They ensure that the network is secure and safe from all malicious activity.
  • Additional services are also provided. They offer technological services like email management, social media marketing, website design and layout. The company which offers these additional services ensures that your business runs smoothly and has the right kind of online following. This is one way of online marketing which can help businesses flourish to quite an extent.

Once you decide that you need IT support in Melbourne, they would help devise a service package which is just right for your business. Make sure you contact IT support in Melbourne to know more about how it can help your business.

Things to Keep in Mind When Hiring a Private Investigator in Brisbane

Are you considering hiring a private investigator in Brisbane? The following are some of the things which you should consider before you hire one.

Do they have a license?

Anyone who practices being a private detective needs to obtain a license from the state. Also if you hire someone for a job you should ask them to show you a copy of their license. This would help you know whether the agency you are looking to work with is authorized or not. Whether you hire an individual with a private practice or someone from an agency, always hire someone who could be relied upon. After all you are entrusting someone with your most confidential information.


Is meeting a private investigator important?

After an initial meeting you don’t really need to see your private investigator that often. They can send all the information which they have gathered via mail or through email. It’s now easier than ever to trace anyone or anything and have the information ready in a matter of days. For simple tasks a private investigator might just take two or three day. For anything which is complicated and involves more than one or two people they may need ample time. In any case the investigator would brief you on whatever information they have.


Choose someone experienced

A private investigator should have some background carrying out their work. Make sure you are aware about the qualifications a private investigator should possess. They should have some background working in the law and order field. You would be able to achieve what you are looking for only if you hire someone who is legit and has the right kind of experience. A private investigator should have the right experience when it comes to surveillance work. They should know the art of camouflage and shouldn’t let anyone know of their tactics and work.


Are they insured?

Private investigation is risky business. An insurance cover allows you to be reassured that incase of losses or damage you wouldn’t have to worry about paying from your pocket. Their insurance would help take care of things.

Also the insurance allows them to get the right kind of surveillance equipment. Modern and innovative tracking system and cameras allow them to work more efficiently. Only someone with enough insurance coverage can handle all such expensive equipment.


Qualities of a good private investigator

  • You should be comfortable sharing personal information with them. Plus their surveillance should be able to provide you with the information you are looking for.
  • They should be using state of the art surveillance equipment.
  • Do they provide the information in a professional manner? Can this information be displayed in the court as well?
  • Do they follow the law when carrying out the surveillance work? It is necessary that they follow the ethical code of conduct when doing so.


Grainger Investigations offer private investigations in Brisbane. Give them a call once you decide to put a private eye on someone.


Important Things To Consider When Hiring IT Services in Gold Coast

Technical issues may arise in both small and large businesses. If there is a tech-savvy person in your workplace, you can ask him or her to fix such issues. Unfortunately, this practice is not sensible, considering that your employees must focus on keeping up your business goals and not fixing technology issues.

Outsourcing IT services in Gold Coast has become a usual practice for small to big scale businesses. Yet the challenge will come as the business chooses the best IT service provider to hire. To make the selection process easier, below are things to consider when hiring IT services in Gold Coast.

Important Factors To Consider When Hiring IT Services In Gold Coast

Does not require a long term contract

There are IT companies that require their clients to sign a locked in agreement for 2 to 3 years or even longer. Once you sign an agreement, you have no choice but to bear with their service. Therefore there is not the opportunity of moving to another IT company that offers cheaper services, and employs more capable specialists.

If you are not satisfied with the service you receive from them, ending your contract must happen immediately.

Answers your phone calls easily

Every IT company in Gold Cost follows a different process, same as with their response times. Make sure that you know their response times:

  • How much time do they need to respond?
  • How quick can they fix issues?
  • If you need onsite support, how fast can they dispatch an IT specialist?

Their responses should be backed up by metrics and facts, or else, all their responses will remain questionable claims.

  • They provide access to specialists that are highly experienced and trained, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

It is important that you can call someone when you need IT service, with no excuses and no time limitations. You would not want your business to stop, just because you have to wait until the next business day for a specialist to attend to your issues.

Any minute wasted for businesses is equivalent to loss.

They charge fairly

The best IT company should be able to render excellent and reliable services at fair prices. Their fees should be competitive to other IT companies. But, this should not make you hire the cheapest company, nor hire the most expensive ones. When comparing prices, make sure you give high value to their reputation in the industry and how well they can deliver to your business expectations.

All business expenses must be spent wisely.

They are easy to collaborate with

It is important that the IT company you hire shares the same goals as you. They must be very easy to collaborate with, and share your overall business expectations. When you hire them, they should work with your goals and not theirs.

The company must be able to dispatch dedicated specialists that will focus and attend to all your business needs in the most effective, soonest and fastest manner possible.

There are many IT companies to hire in Gold Coast, but not all of them can stand to their promise. The enumerated factors above can help you find IT services on the Gold Coast that provide you the best solutions to all your IT concerns.

Corporate Leadership Programs- The key to building a high performance team

The conventional methods employed in the work place once have now become obsolete. Companies that want to get ahead of their competitors should focus on leadership programs which enable individuals to tap into their innate ability to lead the team towards success. The focus should be on employing the best people for the job. This is because good output can only stem from excellent employees.

The following are some of the benefits of corporate leadership programs:

Talent makes or breaks a company

Companies which invest inn leadership programs do a great deal better than their competition. It is up to the company to retain the talents and help build it further. A leadership program helps identify the actual talent within a company. It is then responsible for grooming those individuals and turning them into future leaders who would lead their team to success.

No company can afford the consequences of poor leadership. Leadership programs are a cost effective way of developing the existing talent in employees. Instead of hiring leaders from outside, it’s always a better idea to choose leaders within the company.

Leadership programs are the most important aspect of any company. These can actually result in long term success. In order to build a high performance team, make sure you prepare the future generation of leaders within the company. Investing in leadership programs can help in all of the following ways.

  • The right corporate leadership program can help improve the bottom line. Helping develop leaders within the organization can cut the cost. Instead of procuring leaders from outside you have your own employees to rely on. This can help generate new revenue.
  • Research has proved that companies that invest in leadership programs have five times higher stock market returns.
  • It can increase employee engagement. Employees when given specific roles always try to respond with loyalty. Instead of bringing in new recruits it’s always better to develop the talent within the company. Instead of having to spend money on advertising, paying headhunters, the costs of travel and moving expenses can all be reduced.
  • Good leaders attract, hire and inspire good people. A manager who is mediocre would never be able to attract talented individuals. On the other hand a leader who is pro-active would only make sure that the team compromises of high performing employees.
  • It’s one of the soundest investments a company can make. Research has proved that companies which invested in leadership programs showed a ROI of around 50% or more.
  • When a company invests in a leadership program it sends out a message to the employees that they care about their future. In turn employees strive to improve their performance. It’s a great way to boost the employ morale.
  • These programs can help companies navigate through difficulties like low employ morale and poor leadership skills. Excellent leadership skills come in handy on all day to day activities within a company.

While having good leadership is great, great leadership is inspirational. A great leader is not someone who does great things but enables others within their teams to do great work. If you want to improve your company’s performance, start by finding out what are the best corporate leadership programs available in your area, and enrol your team.



Solicitors Gold Coast- Advice on making a will

Making a will in one’s lifetime is beneficial for those who are dependent on the person making the will. It can help reduce the stress and emotional issues which often occur at the time of death. It’s an opportunity to make provision for those you love.

Those who fail to leave a will risk their assets distributed according to the fixed formula devised by the law. This formula is by no mean what one would want when making provisions for loved ones. This is why it’s important to have a will designed by solicitors in Gold Coast.

Things to keep in mind when designing a will

  • Before you start drafting a will, make sure you have a list of all the assets or liabilities that you own
  • Make sure you know about all the debts which you have acquired in the form of mortgage payments, credit cards and bank loans
  • All the assets like property, bank accounts, jewelry and other valuables should be kept in mind
  • In order to execute the will it is necessary to ensure that you have the rightful ownership of all the assets mentioned in the will
  • Choose the beneficiaries when designing the will. You have an option to choose a single or multiple beneficiaries
  • Choose an executor for the will. The executor is responsible for administering the estate according to the will once the maker of the will passes away.

Choosing the right executor

When choosing an executor, keep the following things in mind

  • They should have the skill and experience working as an executor
  • Are willing to undertake the responsibility of managing your estate
  • Should know all about the legal responsibilities which they are about to undertake
  • Should have the time to carry out the task assigned to them

It’s important to choose the right person to be the executor of the will choosing the wrong person can result in conflicts and issues which can be emotionally stressful for the family members of the deceased.

Writing a will

No two wills are same. Each will is unique and should pertain to the circumstances and financial assets of the person designing the will. A will should always be made keeping the following legalities in mind:

  • The person writing the will should have the testamentary qualities and should be over eighteen year of age
  • The will should be made under the supervision of two adults and signed by them as well
  • The will should contain the wishes of the person writing the will

Qaulified Gold Coast based solicitors can help make a will making sure it’s done under the right legal proceedings.

Updating a will

It’s necessary to keep updating a will. Events like marriage, divorce, death of one of the beneficiaries all have an impact on the will. This is why it’s important to have a will designed by a lawyer. They would help you through the complete process.

Why SEO is an Essential Marketing Avenue

Smart business owners know the importance of using the right SEO techniques. In fact, research too has proved that SEO is an essential marketing avenue. In the past two decades there has been a massive change in the marketing landscape. SEO has now become an essential part of businesses both offline and online.

However, it should be kept in mind that you as a business can just not rely any SEO company. You need to hire a company which keeps updating itself and the techniques which it uses to optimise your website for search engines.

The thing is that SEO Gold Coast is constantly changing. Initially it was all about using the right keywords in a well written content. This is not the case now. SEO is evolving continuously. In order to be featured in the top results of a Google web search, your website needs to be properly optimised. The content should be well written, the key words placed strategically, proper link building and the right amount of social media interaction. This is why it’s important to hire someone who keeps themselves updated with all the latest SEO developments.

The benefits of using SEO as a marketing strategy

There are several benefits of using SEO as a marketing strategy. These include all of the following:

  • You get the right kind of exposure. These day’s social media marketing has become an essential part of any SEO strategy. Your business is featured on different social media websites. Either in the form of reviews on an inbound marketing campaign. The result I that when the post is shared by even one person all the people who follow them on social media get to know about your business. When they require your services, they would be able to find you with ease. Plus they can seek reviews of your product or service online and see for themselves what your business is all about.
  • It is also essential that your business website is optimized for mobile use. Not everyone uses internet on a desktop. This is why when they use a mobile, the browsing experience is not up to the mark and they start losing interest. The right SEO analyst would ensure that there is a mobile version of the website. When someone uses the website on a mobile they would be able to browse with ease. They would have access to the blog which has interesting and well written content which keeps them coming back for more interesting information and facts. The right content supports your web page and allows it to be featured in the top search results. This in turn builds the credibility of your website. It’s all an intricate process which requires a great deal of expertise and shouldn’t be left to just about anyone
  • The right SEO techniques results in more quality traffic entering the website. This in turn results in positive leads. This is exactly what you as a business should be looking for. The right SEO marketing strategy. Plus it also less expensive than traditional advertising.

Finding The Right Web Designer for Your Business Website

web designer

Many new platforms have made it easy for everyone to create fully-functional websites, requiring little to no programming skills. However, if you require your website to look better than the competition, you’ll probably need to seek out help from a professional designer.

So how can you find “The One”? A good designer will create a visually appealing and attractive design for your business that will help you achieve your goals. Let’s explore a couple of tips on how to approach the task at hand and how to pick the best web designer from a sea of inexperienced and novices.

Identify what you want

Before setting out to look for someone, make a list of the websites you admire and why do you like them. Select a couple for their aesthetics (perhaps you’re trying to achieve a similar look), others for their navigation and maybe some for their functionality. It will help the designers identify your needs aptly and help you accordingly.

Set a budget

One of the most important steps that many people overlook is this. Of course, you have to look into a lot of other things as well but make sure to look for one that gives you their services in a reasonably priced package. It means that if you have a tight budget, it shouldn’t reflect on the end result. That’s the beauty of web design Maitland, it can always be redesigned and updated. So, when your budget grows with your business, you can invest more money into it.

Analyze their profile

The work profile of a designer plays an integral part in the whole process, as it gives a rough idea about the proficiency of the designer. If their profile shows that they’ve worked with a plethora of clients coming from an array of domains, it ensures that the designer can address your needs effectively and efficiently, delivering a product worth your time and money.

Ask for their portfolio


By this point, you have a list of designers you are considering for your project. Ask them to provide you with their portfolio or a link to their previous works. A professional designer maintains their portfolio, updating it with every project they do. It’s something every professional designer does. If they try to avoid that part, that should be a big red flag for you.

When you get the portfolio, browsing through it will give you a clear idea about the quality of the services provided. It’ll also help you identify if the company is capable of handling your project.

These are just some of the tips you can employ to ensure that you get the best designer for your project. Make sure to conduct thorough research and ask the designer any questions before signing with anyone.

Why and how to work with micro-influencers

A lower investment for brands

Micro-influencers are often less demanding in terms of pay than star influencers. An invitation to an event or free products will sometimes be enough to convince them to work with your brand.

But that does not mean that you should never pay for them – on the contrary! Paying micro-influencers will be easier to manage than an exchange of products where you have to manage your inventory, and it will also help build healthy, longer-lasting relationships with them.

Build more durable and stable relationships with these influencers

Brands that succeed in influencer marketing are those that invest in lasting relationships, building true partnerships with micro-influencers with “win-win” partnerships. Influence marketing is a long-term job and it does not happen in one shot. For your influence marketing strategy to be truly effective, it must be sustainable.

Being less expensive and less in demand than “star” influencers, “micro-influencers” are more likely to establish lasting relationships with brands, especially if they offer products or services in which they are easily recognizable.

More return on investment for brands

Moreover, according to many statistics, micro-influencers often have more impact than star influencers. Indeed, their niche specialization and their smaller communities make them closer to their subscribers, and so they have more engaged communities than celebrity influencers.

How to work with micro-influencers

Select the influencer

The micro-influencers, even if they are less than the star influencers, are very solicited by brands. When you contact them to collaborate, it is important to target the influencer and make sure that your product / service matches their editorial line. Nothing is worse for an influencer than to be contacted to promote a service or product that is of no interest to their community.

Do not do mass e-mailing

If you want to work with micro-influencers, personalize your messages. Do not do mass e-mailing!

Influencers are regularly solicited by various brands, so to stand out you are interested in their work. Personalize your e-mails and do not be too insistent if they do not answer you!

Do not impose a process on them

For a good relationship with the micro-influencer, do not impose too complicated processes. Too many processes will scare the influencer and he will have no desire to continue the relationship with your company.

Micro-influencers: how to find them

To find a micro-influencer in your area, there are several ways:

You can start with a google search, or directly on social networks by putting searches like “fashion influencers”, “food influencers”. But this kind of research is tedious and you will spend a lot of time finding an influencer that suits you. In addition, influencers with many live trademark applications will tend not to respond if they do not know you.

There are much easier methods to find influencers in your field. You can consult influencer directories such as the one we created on 1min30 . These directories refer thousands of influencers in different sectors such as fashion, cooking, travel etc. They make your life easier because there is often a first sort made by the aggregators to offer you the influencers who actually … of influence.

And since directories and influencers work together regularly, you’ll be more likely to have influencers work with your brand than by contacting them live. Aggregators who are used to working with them will be able to guide you to the best influencers for your brand, and they will also have the opportunity to negotiate with them the best terms and conditions, as they regularly bring them into contact with the brands. wishing to work with them.

To embark on the event

Becoming an auto-entrepreneur event is an opportunity that can seize those who have the sense of organization and relationship, but dread the formalities necessary for the constitution of an event agency in the form of a single-person company  or several.

Here are some tips before you start.


  1. Make sure you have the required qualities for the event!
  2. Make a market study
  3. Choose a name that makes you want!
  4. Invest in the creation of a website
  5. Create a network of relationships with suppliers
  6. Get an administrative authorization

create an event agency

Make sure you have the required qualities for the event!

First of all, make sure that your personality is in line with the activity of self-entrepreneur event:

  • You know how to invest yourself personally and you are passionate : the creation of a company in the event requires a significant personal investment and passion. Events can take place at the end of the day, in the evening or on weekends.
  • You are rigorous : you have to be rigorous and organized so that the goal is achieved and the event successful.
  • You know how to resist stress : there may be coordination problems and the client may be stressed. Your role is to calm the game.
  • You are creative : you have to be creative and surprise your customers!
  • You are resourceful : when one is in charge of organizing an event, heDo not be afraid of ungrateful tasks, such as fetching missing supplies, replacing an absent provider, etc.
  • You have a good relationship: you work with people from different departments (marketing, operational …)

Do you recognize yourself? Do not hesitate to launch yourself as an auto-entrepreneur event .

Make a market study

The event sector is a very competitive sector.

It is therefore It is essential to carry out a  complete market research before setting up a business event.

This will allow you to highlight data essential to the realization of your project (marketing budget, communication and simply your needs to start safely).

Choose a name that makes you want!

If your market research is conclusive and you do not want to start as a self-entrepreneur, but open an agency (ie create a company) think of your business name. The event agencies are numerous and it is imperative to stand out, this business name can help you to get ahead of your competitors.

The trade name refers to the name under which the business will be publicly known. It can be the same as the corporate name or be totally different. You will be able to include it on all your official documents in addition to other mandatory information (company name, SIREN number, VAT number, etc.).

Name protection is effective when you use this business name with the public (in your documents for example). Do not forget to fill it out on your cerfa form when you decide to start, the protection will only be reinforced. You can also decide to file a trademark .

Depending on your target, you can choose an inventive, magical or glamorous trade name. The only limit: your imagination.

Invest in the creation of a quality website

The creation of a website is a must to have access to a larger number of customers.

Your site, with its graphic design and the logo of your agency , will help you to have a valued image with customers and suppliers.

Remember that your website is a reflection of what you want to offer your customers. You can do this with the services of an independent graphic designer or go through agencies specialized in website creation.

Create a network of relationships with suppliers

Finding and booking a place, decorating the premises, feeding diners or using photographers are just some of the benefits you should be offering.

It is strongly recommended to network with suppliers and service providers in the region: florists, caterers, bakeries, photographers, meeting room owners, hairdressers, make-up artists , beauticians , etc. You can introduce yourself and let them know about your business in anticipation of future events. A solution to create your network or develop it is to install your young company in a co working space : exchanges of ideas and addresses between entrepreneurs are common in these places! In addition, do not hesitate to negotiate prices for important or recurring events. Your persuasiveness will be tested.

Warning: if during an event you wish sell alcoholic beverages, you will not need a license but you will need to obtain a permit from the town hall.